Project Name: East Liberty Presbyterian Church

Project Address: 116 S Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA  15206

Project Description: Engineered Street Rain Garden and High Profile Landscape Design

Soil Scientist: Pine and Swallow

Contractor:  Eisler Landscapes

Soils: Horticultural Subsoil, Plant Bed Soil, Sand Based Structural Soil, Rain Garden Subsoil, Rain Garden Soil

Mayor Bill Peduto – April 22nd, 2014 (Re-elect William Peduto Website)

This morning I had the honor of being a part of a rain garden dedication at East Liberty Presbyterian Church. This

extensive storm water reclamation system is projected to hold 160,00 gallons of rainwater annually and will

continually have a positive impact on the local water system, ecosystem and environment in the surrounding

community in East Liberty. This is a perfect example of the sustainable and renewable environmental practices we

look to develop and maintain throughout our communities.